Hole by Hole – Pro’s Tips

Hole #1:  This short Par 5 is a great way to break into your round.  A good drive that finds the fairway will likely yield a birdie putt or maybe even an eagle putt for the longish hitter.  However, missing this wide fairway off the tee, can lead to a challenging par, as out of bounds to the right and woods to the left can easily lead you to be hitting 3 off the tee.  Not to mention in between is a severe slope to the left of the fairway and to the right is a stand of pine trees.  So, let’s find the fairway off the tee. 

On the approach to the green, the player must be sure to avoid missing the green left.  There is a very steep embankment there, that will leave you with a very difficult recovery shot, if you can even find your ball.

The 1st green slopes very steeply from back to front.  Actually, the front part of the green has a generous flatness to it.  More often than not you will find the pin here, since the rest of the green can be difficult for a ball to come to rest.  Friendly advice here is to scope the pin and control your distance accordingly to avoid the quick downhill putt.

Beware.  On the second 9 (blue tees) this hole turns into a very challenging par 4 for men.


Hole #2:  Most would say this is the most challenging hole on the course.  Out of bounds up the very near right hand side, can leave you a little anxious standing over your tee ball. There is a little room to the left for bailout, so plan accordingly to how you want to strategize the opening of this hole. 

Unfortunately, the second shot does not get much easier here.  Most likely it will be from a sidehill lie, hopefully from the fairway, with considerable length left to get to the green.  Out of bounds still lines the very near right hand side of the hole and any shot missed right of the green will likely carom into the road.  You must miss the green to the left here.

Hole 2.2.jpg

The second green is a very pleasant gentle sloping putting surface that will let you have a nice finish to a difficult hole.


Hole #3:  The shortest par 4 on the course, it is a bit of a dogleg left.   Out of bounds lines the right side, thus most players take an iron off the tee and lay up to the 100 yard marker to avoid hitting through the dogleg into the road.  An aggressive long hitter may try to bend a draw around the corner, leaving a pitch from just short of the green.   However, this player must be in top form or will easily be hitting 3 off the tee for a ball out of bounds.

The second shot is to a wide, very narrow green.  Distance control is crucial.  A shot coming up short of the green will settle into a deep bunker and a shot long of the green will leave you with a nearly impossible downhill lob from a steep downhill lie. 

The third green is subtle and tricky.  Putts from above the hole tend to be fast and break a lot.  Whereas putts from below the hole allow you to be aggressive and give it a good run getting it to the hole. 

Hole 3.2.jpg

Birdie is in play here, but be happy with a par.

On the second nine, this hole is a straight away par 4.  Think strategy on the tee, lay up and play for yardage, or take out the big stick and a long hitter can certainly knock it on. 


Hole #4:  Wow, what a par 3.  Not very long 155 yards for men, 123 yards for ladies.  All you can do here is pull the right stick and hit to the proper tier that the pin is on.  Then use a little finesse with the putter and make your par or birdie.  The challenge lies in that any shot less than perfect will be severly punished. Ouch!  Get outta here as scot free as you can and move on to the fifth hole.  Oh yeah, watch the wind!

Hole 4.1.jpg

Hole #5:  A nice classic 5 par hole.  A generous fairway off the tee leaves no excuse other than to hit your driver off the tee.  Your second shot will likely be from an uphill or sidehill lie, don’t fret, there is ample room for a shot of less than perfect direction.  The approach into the green will leave an uphill shot that will, if played correctly leave a makeable putt for birdie.  This hole features a couple ups and downs but is as pleasant a golf hole as you will ever see.  A long hitter will be rewarded with a chance to go for the green in two.  Birdie is definitely in play here. 

Hole 5.jpg

Hole 5’s putting surface is generous and quite receptive to incoming shots.  It is a lengthy stretch from back to front, so try to gauge the right distance on your approach in order to avoid a lengthy 2 putt.  If you time it right, you can hear church music from the Walpole common, very special.


Hole #6:  A long par 3 flanked by good bunkering.  Standing on the tee you can clearly see the severity of the slope of the green from back to front.  Keep it below the hole and be very happy with a par here.  This green will certainly provide a challenge to the most skilled and artfully touched putters.  Must watch the wind here too!

Hole 6.jpg


Hole #7:  A short par 4 (317 yards) that necessitates a tee shot in the fairway.  There is a piece of private property about 220 yards off the tee on the right hand side which is out of bounds. Left of the fairway will likely leave you with a chip out from the pine trees.  Standing on the tee one must decide if driver is worth it.  A popular play here is to hit just short of the 100 yard marker in the fairway and pitch it on from there.  A long hitter can be rewarded with a big drive off the tee, leaving just a chip or lob shot onto the green.  This is a decision that must not be made lightly, since you will kick yourself after making a high number on this short 4 par. 

Hole 7.jpg

The green is receptive and slopes from left to right.  Look to make birdie here, but don’t be too aggressive and make a double bogey or worse.


Hole #8:  A blind drive over a bit of a hump in the fairway about 120 yards out.  You must not miss the fairway left as out of bounds will result.  Plenty of room right of the fairway and with a little luck you may have a clear shot into the green.  Honestly, though driver all the way off this medium length slightly downhill par 4.  A shot in the fairway will be rewarded with a nice angle to this right to left sloping green.  Out of bounds lines the left hand side throughout.  The slightest pull or hooked second shot will be punished with an out of  bounds.  Play the knock down shot into the green here, upper level wind can mysteriously blow your shot errily close to the ob. 

Certainly this hole yields it’s share of birdie’s, but no one is ever unhappy with par here.

Hole 8.jpg


Hole #9:  From here the Hooper mansion is in sight.  In spring the rhodedendron’s are in full bloom.  Wow!  This hole plays between 336 and 350 yards on the scorecard, but plays much longer due to the consistent uphill slope of it.  Out of bounds near left, keep your nerves in check and don’t let the clubface close up at impact, lots of room to the right.  Hitting the fairway is rewarded by a good angle into this visible very well guarded by bunkers green.  A shot to far right off the tee will leave you with a bad angle and blind shot into the green. 

Hole 9.jpg

The second shot is tricky.  There is a bit of a false swail on the front quarter of the green.  What may have looked like a great shot may be seen rolling off the front if it comes in contact with the swail.  Play for the middle of the green.  The slight change in upward elevation and wind make judging distance here tricky. 

Hole 9’s putting surface is certainly one of the most challenging on the course.  Uphill putts can be slow and on downhill putts the ball just seems to keep tumbling over itself.  It takes a skilled putter to 2 putt here.  A par is a great score and very well earned. 


Red flag = Front pin

White flag = Middle pin

Blue flag = Back pin